Google releases November 2020 security patch with plenty of fixes for Pixel phones


Google has started rolling out its November 2020 security patch for Android. The update, as per usual, is rolling out first to Pixel phones which also get a slew of exclusive fixes for some system issues.

For instance, the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G are getting their first bug fixes with a patch that fixes incoming phone calls while in Android Auto mode, a patch for auto brightness issues, and a fix for inconsistent touch sounds. Those devices are coupled with the rest of the supported Pixel line (Pixel 3/XL, 3a/XL, 4/XL, 4a) when it comes to fixes for playlist removal in YouTube Music, ringer audio for starred contacts in Do Not Disturb mode, inadvertent screen wake-ups, and navigation issues while playing media fullscreen.

Google’s Pixel 4 series also gets some fixes for incorrect audio routing in Android Auto mode, audio stutter during media playback, and the dark screen you get while on the phone. The Pixel 4a gets the former two fixes as well in addition to one for touch response with certain screen protectors. Overall, this patch is definitely more focused on system bugs than flashy new features, but that’s a good thing since refinement is always a good thing.

To see if you got the update yet, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

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