LG finally releases its rollable TV, but it costs $87,000

You can now purchase the Signature OLED R TV if you live in South Korea.

Back at CES 2019, LG showed off the Signature OLED R TV that can store itself in its base by physically rolling itself downward. It was quite the show when the company demoed it on stage, and since then many have been wondering when this crazy futuristic television would go on sale. LG said it would launch in 2019, but that obviously didn’t happen. Now, well over a year later, at least in South Korea, you can now purchase it.

There are now seven consumer electronics stores in South Korean selling this 65-inch rollable TV, and it retails for 100 million won. If you convert that to USD, you’ll find that the television costs over $87,000. That’s an insanely hefty price for an OLED television. You’ll really have to want the ability to hide your TV when you’re not using it to justify spending this much money.

Of course, the LG Signature OLED R is on the bleeding edge of flexible TVs. Whether this becomes a new industry trend remains to be seen, but there’s no question that advancements will be made in the future and prices will drop. It’s just hard to say how soon that’ll happen given how advanced this technology is.

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