Apple’s iPhone 12 doesn’t work on 5G with dual SIMs, but that will change

This is a pretty odd quirk for the new iPhones.

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup is here, and tidbits of information about the devices are beginning to trickle out. One detail that’s a bit odd can be found on Apple’s own website, where the company confirms you can’t access 5G signals if you’re using two SIM cards.

“Does 5G work with Dual SIM?”
When using two lines in Dual SIM mode, 5G data isn’t supported on either line and will fall back to 4G LTE. If customers are using eSIM only and are on a 5G supported carrier and service plan, they’ll have 5G access.

According to an internal document spotted by a Reddit user, 5G won’t be supported on either line if you choose to activate both a physical and the eSIM in your iPhone 12, regardless of model. However, if you only have one SIM activated (regardless of whether it’s a physical card or the eSIM), you can jump on a 5G connection. It’s not clear why this is the case, but Apple will fix the flaw with a software update later this year, as reported by the same Redditor.

The bottom line? If you plan on buying an iPhone 12 and want to use dual SIM cards, note that you won’t be getting 5G until later this year.

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