Apple iPhone 13 could get a 120Hz display, finally

The stars are starting to align in favor of a 2021 iPhone sporting a ProMotion display.

Apple was heavily rumored to include 120Hz displays on this year’s iPhone 12 lineup. Reports came in almost regularly either confirming or denying the existence of a higher refresh rate aboard a member of the iPhone 12 family, and right now rumors are confirming we won’t be getting the feature this time around. That being said, despite the iPhone 12 not even being unveiled yet, rumors are starting to swirl around the iPhone 13 in favor of 120Hz.

Ross Young, a relatively well-known display analyst, has reportedly obtained insight into Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup courtesy of Mizuho Securities. The chart, as seen below, indicates four models will grace the Cupertino’s smartphone lineup in 2021 with two standard iPhone 13s (one 5.4-inches, one 6.1-inches) and two iPhone 13 Pros (one 6.1-inches, one 6.7-inches). In a follow-up tweet, Young notes that the most important development in next year’s lineup will be ProMotion displays using LTPO.

COVID-19 is likely to blame for the lack of 120Hz screens in this year’s iPhone line. Apple was rumored time and time again to include it, but development delays out of caution to protect employees were instated, likely putting any progress the company was making on ProMotion for the iPhone on hold. By waiting until the iPhone 13 in 2021, however, Apple will/should have plenty more time to wrap up development and start shipping the feature.

In the end, if you were holding out to buy an iPhone with a ProMotion screen, you’re gonna have to wait much longer. The stars are starting to align in favor of an iPhone 13 with the tech onboard. If that’s the case, September of 2021 will likely be the earliest you could get such a device.


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