Here’s how the Google Pixel 5 wirelessly charges with its aluminum body


Google just took the wraps off the Pixel 5 which serves as the company’s true successor to last year’s Pixel 4 and 4 XL. The device is extremely similar to the cheaper to Pixel 4a 5G but with some important differences. Interestingly, the battery department is where you’ll find the biggest difference.

The Pixel 5 ships with the largest battery Google has ever included in a Pixel: 4,080mAh. You can use the 18W fast charger in the box to refuel if you want, but you can also wirelessly charge the cell.

Google uses a plastic window that blends into the aluminum with paint

If you know anything about smartphone tech, you know you can’t wirelessly charge a battery through aluminum. As it turns out, Google uses a window (likely made of plastic) that covers the charging coils which is then painted over to blend in with the rest of the phone. This allows for an aluminum build that still supports wireless charging. It’s kind of squirrely, but at least it works.

Google also threw in reverse wireless charging so you can charge your earbuds or another phone on short notice.

Personally, I’ve missed aluminum phones, and I’m glad Google was able to find a way to switch back to the material while still retaining wireless charging. I might be a minority in this instance, but it at least makes me more excited to review the phone when I get my hands on a unit.

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