Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 now lets you record EKGs

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also getting EKG support.

Alongside today’s announcement of the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy Watch 3 has received FDA clearance in the United States and can now record electrocardiograms (EKGs). The same goes for the company’s Watch Active 2. The feature previously went live in Korea before its arrival on American shores.

Samsung has built the EKG functionality into the new Health Monitor app on the watches. To record an EKG, open the app, place your arm on a flat surface, stay still, and place your finger on the top button of either device. The EKG will be performed and be classified as either Sinus Rhythm or AFib. You can then input any additional symptoms you’re experiencing and send the data off to your healthcare provider using the Health Monitor app on your smartphone.

In addition, Samsung now lets you record your blood oxygen levels with the Galaxy Watch 3. this puts the watch much more in line with the Apple Watch Series 6 in terms of advanced health features.

The functionality is now rolling out for all users.

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