Google updates Pixel Buds with improved bass, sharing detection, Find My Device, more

The buds’ first feature drop has arrived.

Google has released its first feature drop for the Pixel Buds which adds a nice array of improvements to the earbuds. Right off the bat, the company is giving you more bass in your music by adding a bass boost feature to the Pixel Buds’ app. If you’ve been thinking “Gee, these buds don’t have very good low-end,” today’s your lucky day.

The Pixel Buds are also getting better at multi-person playback. Now, if you want to share a bud with a friend, you can both control your own volume. Somehow the buds will detect when you’re using them with a friend and enable the feature. Google Translate’s conversation mode is also being improved by reading aloud English translations in French, Italian, Spanish, or German through the Pixel Buds.

With this update, Google is also adding Attention Alerts to the buds which will lower the volume of your content so you can hear important noises like a baby crying or a siren. You can now also go into the Find My Device app on your phone and visually find your Pixel Buds if you misplaced them. Rounding things off, the Google Assistant can now disable or enable touch controls on your buds in addition to letting you check your battery life.

All of these features are rolling out now to Pixel Buds users. In addition, you can now buy the buds in Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black in the US.

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