Quibi adds Chromecast support to its app

If you’ve never heard of Quibi, you may have been living under a rock during lockdown. The app made a big splash when it launched in April, right when coronavirus was beginning to take its toll on the U.S. It’s basically a Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV+/Disney+/HBO Max competitor but designed for phone screens, meaning a vast majority of the content produced is in a vertical format instead of landscape. It’s a phone-centric content machine designed to let you enjoy movies and TV shows in shorter time spans, such as when you’re board while in line for something.

I get the whole “designed for your phone” thing, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. You can only go so far with content designed for phones. People wanna watch content that isn’t a short Instagram or Twitter clip on bigger screens like tablets and TVs. And it looks like Quibi is starting to realize that with today’s update for the company’s app.

In an update for the Quibi iOS app (Android users still have to wait, unfortunately), the company has added Chromecast support that lets you cast the TV shows and movies available to… a bigger screen. Last month, AirPlay support was also added, but way more people have Chromecast so I’m sure it’ll be used much more frequently.

I just don’t understand what direction Quibi wants to go. It’s whole ordeal is being the premiere content app for your phone. But now it wants to be on your TV more than ever. Is it only a matter of time until Quibi launches Ammazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku apps?

And yes, I get the convenience of having a Chromecast button. In fact, I’m happy Quibi rolled it out. But it makes no sense to me that an app designed to only live on your phone wants to get off your phone just two months after it launched.

Maybe I’m over thinking the whole thing. Maybe I’m not. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’m curious to hear everyone else’s opinions.

VIA: The Verge