Newton email app is back once again after getting shut down by Essential

It’s back. The infamous Newton email app, once property of Andy Rubin’s failed Essential company, has returned once again to the limelight. Maitrik Kataria and Justin Michell, the new owners of Newton’s parent company CloudMagic, have resurrected the application for the second time after it was presumed dead in 2018 and “confirmed” to die thanks to Essential.

What makes this resurrection different? One common denominator: community. Kataria and Michell both realized that Newton is a beloved email app with a strong and loyal fan base, despite costing $49.99/year. According to a blog post written by Kataria, community and crowd sourcing will play a major role in the future of Newton.

When you approach business through the lens of building a unicorn startup your focus and priorities are different.

We want to turn everything down a notch for Newton and focus on running a successful bootstrapped business that is profitable. Go back to the basics and focus on customers’ happiness.

To achieve all this, we need help and support from the Newton community and users. We know you love the product and have stuck with it for a long time. We just request you give us a chance and stick with us while we turn this ship around.

Newton’s current pricing will help us achieve our vision. Unlike others, we don’t see the need to raise prices. I remember when Newton first announced its pricing. Everyone was shocked that a professional email client would charge $50/year.

Kataria and Michell will also be storing Newton on self-hosted servers so that in case anything happens to their company, the community’s contributions aren’t wasted.

In terms of support for the app, Kataria says you’ll be able to reach out to both him and Mitchell over email directly if you have feedback, questions, or find a bug. Over the next six months, both owners will be diving into Newton’s code to iron out many of the bugs users have been complaining about for years. Then, within three to six month, new features will begin hitting the app including dark mode, Supercharger improvements, and more.

Security will also be getting a major upgrade this time around. Kataria says they’ll be changing Newton’s security policies and move toward GDPR compliance with “immediate effect.” Integration of PGP-based encryption is also planned for the future.

Rounding things off, Newton will be getting some nice temporary perks to help celebrate its return. All existing subscribers will get an additional three complimentary months tacked onto their subscriptions, while past subscribers who want to sign up again will receive a 20 percent discount. There’s also a referral program where your friend will receive a 20 percent discount and you’ll get an extra three months on your subscription. These offers are valid through May 31st.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using Newton for years. I’ve covered them since they were known as CloudMagic, and their app has always been one of my favorites on all of my devices. I was super disappointed to hear that they were shutting down the first time, but they never really died. Then Essential swallowed them and spit them out which made it seem like the final nail in the coffin. But now, Newton’s back, and its new owners know that there’s still a chance it might die off again. That’s why it’s investing so heavily in community outreach so that developers can continue to support it if Kataria and Mitchell’s business falls flat.

In the past couple of days, I’ve redownloaded Newton on almost everything I originally had it on. I still have to get the iPad app – oh, that reminds me. If Kataria or Mitchell are reading this, I’d like to see some improvements in the app for the iPad. Maybe native cursor support and an improved UI?

The Newton email app is available for download from the App Store, the Mac App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store.