Samsung starts roll-out of Android 10 for the Galaxy Fold in France

But it’s a shame it’s just now rolling out.

Samsung has officially kicked off its roll-out of Android 10 for its $1,980 Galaxy Fold smartphone. Users of the device in France have started to receive the update on the 4G version of the foldable, according to SamMobile. Those with the 5G variant will inevitably also begin receiving the update. There’s no word on when those in other territories such as the U.S. will get the update, but it’ll likely be sometime soon.

It’s a shame that the Galaxy Fold is just now getting the Android 10 update. The phone costs almost $2,000 and it’s been one of Samsung’s most talked-about handsets to date. Yet the phone, for a vast majority of users, is still running a 2018 version of Android, despite the device launching after Android 10 was beginning to roll out.

Perhaps with future foldables, Samsung will get better with software updates. They certainly did when it comes to good ol’ fashion solid-state smartphones.


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