Samsung unveils Galaxy Buds Plus w/ longer battery life, better sound, Spotify, more

The buds cost $149, $20 more than the original Galaxy Buds.

Today at Samsung Unpacked 2020, the company debuted its latest earbuds: the Galaxy Buds Plus. The new headphones build on top of the company’s previous Galaxy Buds with improved battery life, updated specs, and a new price point.

Design wise, the Galaxy Buds Plus look almost identical to the OG Galaxy Buds in which they have an angled form factor with ear tips that stick out relatively far from the body of each earbud. the case they come in is also visually unchanged, although it is a bit smaller than the previous gen.

All of the important differences between the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus lie in the specs. the Plus have better sound thanks to new two-way dynamic speakers with dedicated woofers and tweeters in each bud. Meanwhile, the standard Buds only have a one-way speaker. You also get two outer microphones for improved voice pickup.

Battery life is also seeing an improvement here. The Buds Plus come with an 85mAh cell between the two buds, and the case adds another 270mAh. This goes directly against the older buds’ 58mAh cell and 252mAh in their case. Because of this, Samsung says you can expect up to 11 hours of music playback (a whopping five hours longer than the standard Buds) and 22 hours if you count the case (opposed to 13 with the old model). You also get faster charging, with three minutes of juicing up achieving an hour of playtime.

Also new with the Galaxy Buds Plus is multi-device pairing. This lets you switch between your phone, tablet, and laptop without having to turn the earbuds off, take them out of your ears, or have to repair them. Of course, Bluetooth 5.0 is powering this experience.

Another feature feature is direct Spotify integration. Now, when you perform a certain gesture on the Galaxy Buds Plus’ touch pad, you can open Spotify and get your music playing faster. You also get the same play/pause/skip/volume controls as before.

Finally, with Galaxy Buds Plus, Samsung is adding more integration between them and iPhones. The company will be releasing a new app that’s compatible with iOS that’ll let you take further advantage of your buds. It isn’t clear if the same support will eventually extend to the original Galaxy Buds.

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds Plus will only cost $20 more than the $129 Galaxy Buds, making them $149. They’ll be sold in black, white, blue, and red. they’ll launch this Friday, February 14th.

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