Motorola unveils G Stylus and G Power budget phones ahead of MWC 2020

The phones go on sale this spring starting at $249.99.

This week, Motorola finally unveiled its latest budget smartphones: the Moto G Stylus and the G Power. The announcement comes before MWC 2020 kicks off later this month and follows a series of leaks that revealed plenty of details about the phones.

Admittedly, the leaks did get the names wrong. I was pretty sure Motorola would call them the G8 Power and G8 Stylus, but they dropped the number for some reason. They still succeed last year’s G7 series, you just wouldn’t know it by the names.

The G Power and G Stylus are very similar when it comes to their designs and spec sheets. Both are made out of plastic with glossy finishes, and they share identical 6.4-inch 19:9 Full HD+ screens. They also have Snapdragon 665 processors, 4GB of RAM, Android 10, and hole-punch cutouts. You’ll also find USB-C ports on both alongside headphone jacks, a feature that remains prevalent in the mid-range section of the smartphone market.

Where the two phones differ are in their purposes. Starting with the G Stylus, it’s clear the selling point of the device is its included stylus which isn’t anything fancy. It’s by no means as high quality as an S Pen in a Galaxy Note, but it’ll emulate a similar experience with note taking on the lock screen, screenshot utilities, and more.

Meanwhile, the G Power makes it a priority to last you all day. Its 5,000mAh battery almost dwarfs the sizable 4,000mAh cell in the G Stylus. The extra 1,000mAh combined with its mid-range processor should get you at least a couple of days of use without having to recharge. The G Power will probably serve as a great weekender phone, if you ask me.

The G Stylus also gets more storage. Whereas the G Power only has 64GB of space, the G Stylus gets 128GB. Both offer microSD card expandability.

On the back of both phones, you’ll find a triple camera system. The G Stylus has a main 48MP sensor, a 2MP macro lens, and a 117-degree ultrawide video camera. The latter is the most interesting since it’s physically rotated 90 degrees so you can take landscape video while holding your phone in portrait mode. It’s just like the Motorola One Action which has an identical sensor.

The G Power’s camera setup is a bit less exciting. It sticks with a traditional 16MP camera, an 8MP 118-degree ultrawide camera (not physically rotated), and a 2MP macro lens. Both phones do ship with 16MP selfie cameras, so if you want sharper selfies, you’ll be in luck with either device.

Motorola says the G Power and G Stylus will go on sale this spring and be sold through Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Walmart, their website, and some carriers including Verizon and US Cellular. The Power will retail for $249.99 while the G Stylus will go for $299.99.

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