OnePlus may finally bring wireless charging to its phones this year

The company just joined the WPC, which means Qi charging might be coming to the OnePlus 8.

Ever since OnePlus switched to using glass on the back of its phones in 2018, customers and fans alike have been begging the company to add wireless charging. After all, you need glass or plastic for it to work (aluminum doesn’t). Unfortunately, the company seemed to have got caught up in their old ways by saying their wired charging was too good for the slower charging speeds you can get wirelessly.

Most of the time, when it comes to wireless charging, it isn’t about speed. It’s about convenience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slotted my Pixel 3 with its 2,915mAh battery onto my wireless charger at work just to give it some juice while I sit there and type. I didn’t have to fiddle with any cables or find a wall outlet. I simply placed my phone on a kickstand and it started charging at speeds of around 10W, which isn’t fast by any means, but unbelievably convenient.

Luckily, it looks like OnePlus may finally cave and give its users wireless charging. The company was spotted by MobileScout as joining the Wireless Power Consortium, the organization that provides the standards for Qi wireless charging which is in a vast majority of flagships nowadays. Typically, when companies join the group, it means they have a device on the way that’ll support Qi, and OnePlus has its new 8 series of phones coming out soon.

It’s too early to tell if OnePlus will, in fact, include wireless charging in its phones. After all, CEO Pete Lau told The Verge in an interview that they still think their wired charging is better and when wireless charging meets their standards, they’ll include it. This interview was conducted earlier this month, so who’s to say what the company’s next move will be. All I know is OnePlus will, at some point down the line, support wireless charging, and we’ll finally stop hearing all the pleas and cries from consumers begging the company to include it.

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