Twitter finally redesigns its iPad app [Wiretapped]

Plus, Samsung’s next foldable phone might have just leaked.

[From the December 19th, 2019 Wiretapped newsletter.]

For the week before Christmas, there’s been a fair amount of news to report on. Today’s no different. I’ve gathered three noteworthy stories on a couple of topics. One story pertains to a redesigned social media app, while the other two are on one of the newest trends in the smartphone industry: foldables.

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First up, the social media story.

As reported by multiple users over the past 12-24 hours, Twitter has begun rolling out an update to its iPad app that finally gives the software a redesign. Up until now, when you opened the Twitter app on your iPad, you’d be greeted by a centered stream of tweets with a ton of white space to the left and right. Now, that same stream of tweets has been shifted closer to the left side of your device, with quick access to tabs in Twitter on the left and trends on the right.

It’s a much more useful layout since it takes far greater advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. You can expect the update to hit your iPad soon.


Next up: Samsung’s next foldable.

We’ve known for a while that Samsung is working on two new foldable phones, and it looks like one of them just leaked out. Thanks to Weibo via Ice Universe, we now have our first look at what might be Samsung’s answer to Motorola’s Razr phone. It features a foldable clamshell design with what looks like a stainless steel frame and a hole-punch camera cutout at the top of the elongated screen. What isn’t clear is whether these photos are actually showing off the phone or if they’re just well-done fakes. We’ll have to wait it out to see, of course, so take the pics with a grain of salt.


Finally, Huawei is going to release a new version of its foldable phone, the Mate X, next year with better durability and a stronger hinge. This news comes from Huawei’s head of consumer business, Richard Yu, who confirmed the device while on a trip to Huawei’s headquarters (via Frandroid). The phone is already available in China for $2,400, but I’m sure no one would complain if they simply succeed the phone with a better version of the same thing.

The big issue with foldable phones is durability, as we saw earlier this year with Samsung’s delayed Galaxy Fold. The fact Huawei is paying just as close attention to durability means companies are aware early foldables are simple showcases for the future, not practical smartphones you can toss in a bag. 2020 will get us closer to the time when you can just toss a foldable in your bag, but it’s unclear just how close we’ll get.

See you tomorrow for the last Wiretapped entry of the year!

– Your pal, Max


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