All Google Pixel phones will soon get Automatic Call Screen

This morning in my Wiretapped newsletter, I wrote about Google’s new “feature drop” strategy when it comes to updating the software on its Pixel phones. It basically means every quarter, the Pixel will get a new set of features instead of receiving each one separately over time.

One of those features is Automatic Call Screen. Using the Google Phone app, your Pixel 4 or 4 XL can automatically identify when a spam caller is on the other end and reject the call for you so you don’t have to deal with it. As it turns out, while the feature is launching first on Pixel 4, it won’t remain exclusive for long.

According to Business Insider, Google says the feature will “roll out to all Pixel devices with Android 10 over the coming weeks.” It’s unclear what software upgrade will bring the feature or if it’ll require a simple Phone app update through the Play Store.

Regardless, this means if you own a Pixel 3, 2, or even an original Pixel from 2016, you’ll be getting the new Call Screen feature at some point. I would bet the feature arrives on older Pixels when the next feature drop happens which is expected to happen in March.