Google Unveils Mid-Range Pixelbook Go Starting at $649

It has a traditional laptop form factor and runs Android apps.

Google is on an announcement spree today, and for good reason: it’s hosting an event in NYC where a ton of new products are getting unveiled. One of the new devices the company revealed while onstage was the Pixelbook Go, a mid-range Chromebook that carries on the Pixelbook name first used in 2017.

The new Pixelbook Go is essentially a less-impressive Pixelbook with a much cheaper-looking design, less powerful internals, and a cheaper starting price. Take the screen for example: instead of a 12.3-inch Quad HD 3:2 display, the company opts for a 13.3-inch Full HD 16:9 display. Granted, there is a 4K option available, but by default, you’ll be getting a much less-impressive panel.

The new Pixelbook Go also doesn’t come with a 360-degree hinge. This laptop is geared toward its own category: a laptop. It’s not trying to be a tablet or a 2-in-1. It has a traditional laptop clamshell form factor, and I have no problem with that. Sometimes it’s nice to see a more traditional design.

Google says it uses a magnesium alloy to construct the Pixelbook Go, which is pretty standard nowadays. On the sides, you’ll find a couple USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and, presumably, some type of microphones. The bottom of the device has an interesting rigid texture to it that Google claims is easy to hold if you’re traveling without a bag. I would imagine this to be the case since anything with slight ridges tends to be easier to handle.

Under the hood, the Pixelbook Go comes with your choice of an Intel core i3, i5, or i7 processor. Mind you, these are all the janky Y-series chips which don’t give you a ton of performance. However, since they’ll be powering Chrome OS, I’d imagine they should suffice.

Storage wise, the laptop is available with 64, 128, or 256GB of onboard storage. Meanwhile, the laptop can be configured with either 8 or 16GB of RAM.

Obviously, the Pixelbook Go runs Chrome OS which is compatible with the Play Store’s entire suite of Android apps. Google showed off a few of them onstage, but let’s be clear: Android apps on any big screen suck, and they’ll suck more when you have to interact with them using a traditional laptop form factor.

Google says the entry-level Pixelbook Go with an i3 and 64GB of storage will run for $649. With the right configuration, I’d imagine this laptop running you north of $1,000. It’ll go up for preorder today and start shipping later this month. It’s available in Just Black or Not Pink.


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