Spotify Now Works with Siri in iOS 13

The feature is rolling out now to iOS 13 users.

After rolling out a beta of the new feature a couple of weeks ago, Spotify has released an update for its iOS app that adds Siri support for those running iOS 13. The feature marks a milestone for third-party apps as up until this point, the only music service you could control with Siri was Apple Music. Now, the biggest music streaming service in the world works with Apple’s voice assistant, indicating more third-party app support will eventually come to Apple’s ecosystem.

To control Spotify with Siri, you have to specifically ask for Spotify. For example, to ask for the new Post Malone album, you’d have to say, “Hey Siri, play Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone on Spotify.” It works the same way for playlists, artists, and individual songs. Unfortunately, you can’t search for podcasts yet, although I’d imagine that feature is currently in the works.

Spotify in Siri works on all devices running iOS 13 or iPadOS, CarPlay, AirPods, and, surprisingly enough, HomePod via AirPlay. Granted, HomePod support doesn’t appear to be ready yet, but that feature will likely come before podcast searching.

In addition, Spotify is also including support for iOS 13’s Low Dada Mode. When you switch the mode on, it’ll automatically toggle the app’s Data Saver mode.

You can update to the latest version of Spotify for iOS through the App Store.

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