Apple is Releasing iOS 13.1 and iPadOS Earlier Than Scheduled

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Last week, Apple announced the release dates for its newest software updates. Today, two of them came to fruition. Afterward, however, the company announced it’s bumping up the release dates of some of its new software, including an important update for iPhone.

According to Apple, instead of releasing them on September 30th as originally intended, the company will release both iOS 13.1 and iPadOS on September 24th, a.k.a. next Tuesday. The latter is simply a nice perk, while the former almost seems necessary. I had to publish a separate blog post today telling people not to install iOS 13.0. It’s just way too risky.

In my testing, iOS 13.1 fixes most of the app crashes, freezes, hangups, and other issues I had with 13.0. It’s still kinda buggy, but it’s nowhere as bad. So if you want to update to iOS 13, wait until next week when 13.1 starts rolling out.

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