Huawei Tries to Outsmart the Government with ‘The New’ P30 Pro

Huawei hasn’t been in the best standing with the United States government, as of late. The company isn’t allowed to ship new phones with Google apps, multiple companies have stopped working with them, and the US put the OEM on its Entity List, stopping any US-based company from working with them.

But Huawei doesn’t care. And today’s announcement is proof of that.

Today during IFA 2019, Huawei took to the stage to unveil “The New P30 Pro.” If you’ve been following tech news this year, you know that the P30 Pro is not new whatsoever. It’s actually a half-year-old at this point. But despite there being tight restrictions on the company in terms of what software they can use, Huawei wants to keep releasing new phones, and one way to do that is by releasing a “new” P30 Pro.

Important to note: there’s nothing new about the P30 Pro at its core. You still get the same great cameras, a Kirin 980 chip, a large display, and great battery life. On the exterior side of things, you get new color schemes with the updated model which feature a two-tone appearance, reminiscent of the Google Pixel. The phone also comes with Android 10 out of the box.

With these changes, Huawei hopes to begin delivering Android 10 to more customers at a faster pace than releasing an entirely new phone. It’s sneaky, it’s deceptive, and boy, is it clever.

There’s no word on when/where the new P30 Pro will go on sale or how much it’ll cost. But I’d bet it’ll cost the same price as the P30 Pro always has: around $800.