Google Pixel 4 Leaks in Crystal-Clear Photos

It seems that every year, without fail, the next-generation Google Pixel leaks into oblivion. No matter how hard Google tries to cover up its secrets and even switch up its marketing, there’s no stopping the leak train once it’s started. That’s the story with this year’s Pixel 4 as the device has now leaked thanks to crystal-clear photos.

These photographs were spotted on Telegram by XDA-Developers, although it isn’t clear where they originated. Clearly shown is a phone that perfectly lines up with what we’re expecting the Pixel 4 to include: a continuous top bezel, slim side and bottom bezels, a square camera bump on the back with three sensors, and glass on the back and front. There’s even a colored power button, indicating this is, indeed, a Pixel phone.

If you look on the screen of the device in question, you’ll see the word “Sprint” in the top left. This means the phone is being tested on Sprint’s network. This isn’t a surprise given the fact the Pixel 3 line is available through the carrier. With these photos, it’s safe to say the Pixel 4 will not only be compatible with Sprint, but it will also likely be sold through the company.

Beyond what I’ve just mentioned, not a lot of other information can be obtained from these images. That doesn’t mean we don’t already pretty much know what the phone will include, though. Rumors point to the device featuring a Quad HD 90Hz display, a Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM, larger batteries, and fantastic cameras. If all of this rules out to be true, Google will have quite the flagship on its hands.