Twitter Rolls Out Redesigned Desktop UI to Everyone

A fresh set of tabs, some additional features, and more are beginning to roll out to everyone.

For weeks, Twitter has been testing an updated UI for its desktop interface. I’ve had the newest version for a while and there’s a good chance you have, too. Now, according to the company, everyone is getting the updated interface as the social network begins a worldwide rollout.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the new UI is a play on the recent total redesign of Instead of featuring menu items at the top of the page, it moves them to the left like in the mobile app. To the right, you’ll find worldwide, local, and personalized trends. In the middle, you’ll see the endless stream of tweets we’re all used to. Twitter even threw in its Explore tab along with a more pleasant DM experience, multi-account support, and both dark gray and completely back themes.

This is more of a merge between Twitter’s new interface and the company’s classic UI. The menu and trending hashtags used to be pushed off to the sides before the company moved the menu to a drop-down. Now, it feels more in line with Twitter’s history of user interface. Plus, it more closely resembles the network’s mobile apps.

Speaking of Twitters older UI, there’s no option to roll back. Starting today, you’ll be stuck with the company’s new interface if it reaches you. Before, there was a way to roll back to classic Twitter, but with today’s announcement, that option is no longer available. I can’t imagine many people wanting the option, however, since the new UI is pretty good as it is.

All of these changes are rolling out today.


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