Apple’s New Music and TV Apps in macOS 10.15 Leak

After yesterday’s leak of iOS 13 screenshots, 9to5Mac is back with a couple of new images that claim to show off Apple’s upcoming Music and TV apps for the Mac that will arrive in macOS 10.15, an update that should enter beta next week following WWDC 2019.

As you can see, the new Music app is similar to iTunes in which it has a left-side menu with quick access to various sections such as Songs, Albums, and Playlists. Playback toggles are at the top, and, presumably, your cue is there as well. The app was built upon the same tech that powers iTunes so you can likely expect somewhat of a similar experience, just way less crowded and bloated.

Meanwhile, the TV app shares a similar layout with the Music app thanks to its left-side menu. There are multiple tabs at the top to quickly access various aspects of the app such as the movies section, the TV shows section, and the kids section. Each section gets its own side menu, according to 9to5Mac. No other details were given, so until next week, bask in the glory of the screenshot above.