Huawei Can No Longer Include SD Card Slots on its Devices

Hello Nano Memory?

The demise of Huawei thanks to the US government ban is currently underway, with its phones losing access to Google services, its laptops disappearing from Microsoft stores, and references to the company and its products vanishing from multiple websites on the internet. And let’s not forget about the various companies (Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, Broadcom) that are cutting ties with the Chinese manufacturer. Now, yet another organization has washed its hands clean of operations with the OEM.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the SD Association has terminated Huawei from its group, therefore removing the company’s right to include SD card slots on any of its future products. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else Huawei thinks deserves expandable storage. The move was made due to President Trump’s executive order which placed Huawei on the Entity List, according to a statement given to Android Authority.

Huawei preps for these types of things, and that’s clear with the company’s most recent smartphones since they include Nano Memory Card slots, proprietary alternatives to the traditional SD slot. But they aren’t exactly widely used, so it may be hard for Huawei moving forward to offer affordable and easily-accessible expandable storage on its devices.

Obviously, today’s news doesn’t affect existing Huawei devices that include SD card slots. But any phones, laptops, or tablets moving forward won’t be able to include the slot until something changes, and who knows if that’ll ever happen.

For the time being, we’re gonna have to let this whirl wind pass.



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