Google Revamps Android Auto with Dark Mode, Easier Accessibility, More

Ahead of its I/O 2019 keynote tomorrow, Google today has announced a quiet revamp of Android Auto that introduces a few new features. The most notable of the changes is the inclusion of a dark mode that will now be set as the default UI. Instead of a blaring white interface, Android auto will will now sport a much more toned-down appearance that should be more pleasing to look at.

Aside from the new UI, there are a few features that will make using Android Auto easier. For one, the navigation bar at the bottom can be used as a media playback center. If you have a map open and music playing in the back, the bar will present play/pause and skip buttons. If there isn’t any music playing, it can show the next step to take to get to your destination. It’s also now easier to access the Google Assistant thanks to a dedicated button, and the home key can now be found in the bottom-left which makes it easier for drivers to access.

In addition, Google has cleaned up Android Auto’s main interface and added a few new functions to the notification center.

Google says the new revamp of Android Auto will begin rolling out this summer. Those attending I/O will get a chance to check it out before everyone else.