Tesla Increases Model S Range to 370 Miles

Tesla has announced it’s extending the range of two of its vehicles, the Model S and Model X. According to a blog post, the company has managed to increase the range of the Model S to a whopping 370 miles on a full charge. Meanwhile, the Model X Long Range can now travel up to 325 miles. Both upgraded vehicles are now for sale.

The company was able to pull this off by introducing a new drivetrain. This meant that Tesla didn’t have to increase the battery size of either car. As a result, both vehicles can now also charge 50 percent faster.

In addition to the improved range, Tesla is also introducing a more efficient design with both the Model S and X. According to the company, the changes they made underneath each vehicle has allowed them to achieve greater than 93 percent efficiency. There’s also a new adaptive suspension system for smoother drives, new wheel bearings, and various new tire designs.

Finally, Tesla says they’re bringing back the Standard Range trims of the Model S and X, costing $78,000 and $83,000, respectively.

As a special perk for existing customers, if you currently own a Model S or X and want to upgrade to a newer model, Tesla will throw in Ludicrous Mode, a $20,000 value, for free.