Apple Might Add Mouse and Trackpad Support to iPads in iOS 13

It would be available through the accessibility settings in iOS 13.

A new rumor has surfaced on the internet suggesting Apple might add USB mouse support to the iPad with iOS 13. MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci shared the possibility in a recent podcast. Meanwhile, developer Steve Troughton-Smith took to Twitter to somewhat corroborate the rumor, saying the feature’s in the works.

Notably, mouse support will apparently come as an accessibility feature and not as a standard feature. This means you’ll have to manually turn it on in the accessibility settings of iOS 13. Admittedly, those in need of extra assistance will likely benefit from mouse and trackpad support, but then again, so will pro users.

It’s unclear if this feature will come to all iPads or just the iPad Pro. After all, the Pro is the only one with a USB-C port which should give users a much easier access point to where they can plug in USB mice and trackpads. Today’s leaks don’t share this information, but we’ll probably find out in the near future.

Apple will announce iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 in June.


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