Twitter Introduces Major Focus on Photos and Videos with New Update

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Twitter has announced a new update to its mobile apps that will place a major focus on the sharing of photos and videos with its platform. The company is launching a revamped camera experience within the app that will make it faster and easier to share what’s happening in front of you with your followers. It’s similar to how Instagram Stories and Snapchat work.

To use the feature, open Twitter and swipe left on your timeline. Afterward, a new camera interface will be displayed. You can either take a photo from within the UI or hold down a button to record up to a two-minute video. You can also go live using Periscope. Once you’ve captured your content, you can type up a tweet to go along with the image or video. Tap tweet when you’re finished and your post will go out to all your followers.

This is nearly identical to how Instagram operates. Within that app, you swipe right to open the camera interface and take a photo or video. After that, you can add text and send it off to your story. The differing factor, in this case, is the fact Twitter isn’t resorting to some sort of Stories implementation. Rather, all content captured using its new camera UI will go right to your timeline.

To go along with the new feature, Twitter will now also more prominently display photos and videos shared to the platform. In your timeline, images and video clips should be larger and more noticeable than before.

It’s clear users aren’t just interested in using words to share what’s going on. There’s a reason Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have been so successful with their picture-sharing platforms. Now that Twitter will have a stronger presence in this space, it’s likely the service will become a contender for who has the best instantaneous photo/video sharing platform.

According to Twitter, the new update is beginning to roll out today to both iOS and Android users. Keep an eye out for it.

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