Apple Will Unveil its TV Streaming Service on March 25th

Apple has announced it will be holding an event on March 25th to unveil… something. The company teased the announcement using the tagline “It’s show time.” The last time the company used this tagline was to unveil the Apple TV back in 2006, so it’s pretty safe to assume the company will be introducing its long-awaited TV streaming service at this event.

Apple’s GIF it’s including with the media invitations to the event. | Image: The Verge

We’ve been hearing a lot about Apple’s upcoming TV streaming service lately. Reports have indicated what type of content we can expect (hint: probably a bunch of family-friendly options and some adult-oriented shows and movies) along with where it might live (hint: probably in the Apple TV app on tvOS, iOS, and macOS). It’s unclear which platforms you’ll be able to use to stream the service, but we’ll hear much more at the event itself in a couple of weeks.

We also expect Apple to unveil its rumored news subscription service. Not too much is known about it, but it’s said the platform will offer newspapers and magazines to read at any time as part of your subscription. The company’s been battling with publishers since it wants as much as 50 percent of the revenue generated, but if the company takes the wraps off the service, there’s a good chance they will have worked out some sort of deal.

Besides the two streaming services, it’s unclear what Apple might have up its sleeve. We could get a new iPad, an upgraded iPad mini, the launch of AirPower, and possibly new AirPods as well. But reports indicate the company could stick with subscriptions for this service and release new hardware in the future.

That being said, stay tuned for all the company’s announcements. Apple will hold the event at the Steve Jobs Theater on the 25th, and things will kick off at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.