Meizu’s Portless Phone Was a Hoax After All

Back in January, Meizu made headlines when it “unveiled” a new portless phone called the Zero. The device packed high-end specs, no ports or seems, wireless charging, eSIM technology, an in-display fingerprint reader, and vibrations to replace speakers. It looked super futuristic in the renders Meizu provided, but as it turns out, the $1,300 phone was nothing more than a hoax.

Over on the company’s forums, Meizu CEO Jack Wong said the Zero was nothing more than “the marketing team messing about.” That means the Zero doesn’t exist and probably won’t ever exist. That Indiegogo campaign the company started was also a hoax, but that was pretty obvious when it ended with just 26 backers.

By the way, don’t worry, everyone’s getting their money back.

So what happens now? Nothing. Wong said a holeless, portless phone is in the company’s research and development, but Meizu isn’t ready to sell such a device. It’s kind of a shame since it would’ve been cool to see the phone in real life, but I guess we aren’t there yet where you can actually sell a device like this and make a profit.

Maybe in the next two to three years, we’ll all have phones like this. Who knows?