Apple Music is Coming to Google Home Smart Speakers

After the service was made available to Amazon Alexa users late last year, Apple will soon allow those with a Google Home smart speaker to stream music using their Apple Music subscription. A listing for Apple Music has begun popping up in the music settings section of the Home app on both iOS and Android, and I was one of the lucky ones to have gotten the feature.

Unfortunately, there’s a big caveat to how Apple Music on Google Home works at the current moment: it doesn’t. Trying to tap the Apple Music subscription link button doesn’t do anything on iOS, and on Android, it just kind of shrugs at you and disclaims what will happen if you do link your account. Afterward, though, nothing else pops up.

Clearly, the feature is rolling out a bit too early before it’s actually functional. Of course, with this evidence, we can now confirm that Apple Music will eventually roll out to Google Home users, one of the biggest developments in Apple’s ongoing efforts to expand the reach of its services.