SanDisk and Micron Unveil 1TB microSD Cards

Today during MWC 2019, SanDisk and Micron took the wraps off the very first 1TB microSD cards. This comes after years of companies touting their phones were compatible with terabyte cards, with none actually available to purchase. Now, though, if you’ve been holding your breath for the day you can finally buy a 1TB card for your device, you can finally exhale.

According to the companies, the SanDisk microSD will offer read speeds of 160MB per second and write speeds of 90MB per second. Meanwhile, the Micron option will offer 100MB per second read speeds and slightly faster 95MB per second write speeds. Obviously, these specs don’t necessarily matter when you consider you’re literally adding an entire terabyte of storage to whatever device you insert it into.

Crazy how far we’ve come. Agreed?

For such an insane amount of storage, you have to be willing to pay an insane price. SanDisk says its 1TB microSD card will cost a whopping $449.99. Micron doesn’t have pricing information just yet, but it’s probably in the same ball park. The former will launch in April, while the latter will land in the second quarter of 2019.

Now comes the question: would you pay $450 for a 1TB microSD card?