Google is Bringing the Assistant to Android Messages

Today during MWC 2019, Google announced it’s bringing the Assistant to Android Messages. This comes right on the heels of the company shutting down Allo which was the first messaging app to integrate the Google Assistant.

With the Google Assistant in Android Messages, you get reply suggestions in the form of “suggestion chips.” They’re similar to the app’s existing smart replies in which they’re contextually aware of what you and your friend are chatting about and offer up suggestions like replies, emojis, and information found on the web. For example, if you bring up Avengers: Endgame during your conversation, the Assist might recommend the film’s profile on Google and let you preview the trailer, see local showtimes, and check out its reviews.

Image: Google

Of course, with contextually aware suggestions powered by the Google Assistant (a cloud-based service), many people might fear that Google is peeping into their conversations. On the contrary, Google says the only data they receive is the text presented on the chips that pop up in your conversation. No, you won’t get end-to-end encryption with this feature, but at least Google won’t be reading what you and your friends are talking about.

According to Google, the Assistant will roll out to Android Messages users over the coming months. We’ll let you know when a wider rollout begins which should be around the time of I/O 2019 in early May.