Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Comes with Digital Wellbeing Out of the Box

When Google unveiled Digital Wellbeing last year as a part of Android Pie, it was presumed the feature would remain exclusive to the Pixel line of smartphones. And as it turned out, our predictions were right… but for a limited time.

As it turns out, Google is lifting Digital Wellbeing’s exclusivity to the Pixel, starting with Samsung’s new Galaxy S10. XDA-Developers points out Digital Wellbeing ships with the new phone right out of the box. This means you’ll be able to track your usage of apps and games much easier than before and set limits for how long you want to use them each day.

This isn’t the only phone getting the feature, An update for the Nokia 6 and 8 also brings the feature as a part of Pie. So far, these are the only phones that come with Digital Wellbeing, but with MWC right around the corner, we’ll likely see more in the near future.