Samsung Unveils Truly-Wireless Galaxy Buds

Today during their event, Samsung took the wraps off their new Galaxy Buds wireless earphones. The buds will directly compete with Apple’s own AirPods which have been dominating the wireless headphone market for quite some time. With these, Samsung hopes to make a dent in the fruit company’s market share.

And quite frankly, it looks like Samsung has the right recipe going. The Galaxy Buds offer a compact design and ship in a pill-shaped case. On a single charge, the buds are rated to last up to six hours. The case supplies another seven hours of usage. And thanks to quick charging, you can get 1.7 hours of usage in a 15-minute charge. Of course, you can also wirelessly charge the Galaxy Bud’s case and place it on the back of a Galaxy S10 to juice up.

For sound quality, Samsung says it had AKG tune the Galaxy Buds. Whether this is a good thing or not has yet to be heard since we haven’t tried them out just yet. Of course, if we get to spend time with them, we’ll let you know.

Galaxy Buds also come with a simple pairing process on Galaxy devices, similar to AirPods.

Samsung also says the Galaxy Buds come with an Adaptive Dual Microphone to make your voice loud and clear in both noisy and quiet environments. You can answer phone calls, talk to Bixby, and use gesture controls with the buds as well.

The Galaxy Buds will launch on March 8th and cost $129, cheaper than the AirPods. They’ll be available in black, white, and yellow.