Huawei Will Unveil the P30 in Paris on March 26th

Huawei has enjoyed tremendous success lately with its 2018 flagships, a.k.a. the P20 and Mate 20. Now, the company is gearing up to introduce its next round of devices starting with the new P30 which will be revealed on March 26th.

Huawei took to Twitter to announce the P30 will be unveiled later next month during an event in Paris. Not much is known about the device just yet, but judging by the teaser video the company included, we can likely expect improved zooming capabilities among other camera enhancements.

By releasing their phone in March, Huawei will miss MWC 2019 entirely. That’s where many companies such as Samsung, LG, and Sony plan to unveil their latest offerings. Whether Huawei wants to stand out on its own or simply not get gobbled up by all the surrounding press coverage, one thing’s for certain: don’t expect to hear very much from Huawei throughout the rest of this month.

So far, there haven’t been any leaks or credible rumors associated with the upcoming P30. That being said, stay tuned as we’ll likely hear much more about the device leading up to its introduction next month.