LG Won’t Be Releasing a Foldable Phone Anytime Soon

Companies across the smartphone industry are gearing up to launch foldable phones with flexible displays. We know Samsung, Xiaomi, and even Huawei plan to show off their own devices during MWC 2019. However, one major Android player says it will be holding off for the time being, and that’s LG.

According to The Korean Times, LG says it won’t be releasing a foldable smartphone anytime soon. The company notes it needs to regain its position in the smartphone market, and launching an expensive foldable phone probably isn’t the way to do it. Admittedly, the company does say if market demand is strong enough, it has the technology to launch a foldable phone when it sees fit. But for the time being, LG will be sticking with normal, solid-state smartphones.

Personally, I’m very glad LG is taking this route. The company has been in a pretty bad slump in terms of smartphone sales for the past few years, and so far, it seems none of their efforts have been enough to regain meaningful market share, despite releasing some pretty great phones last year. Plus, there’s no way of telling whether people will even buy foldable phones as none have even hit the market yet. Riding this one out is definitely in LG’s best interest, and I’m happy they realized it.

So what does LG have in store for 2019? A couple of things, actually. During MWC, LG will release the G8 and V50 as their next flagships. We’ll also likely see even more phones with the company’s logo later this year. Until then, stay tuned for future developments.