Apple’s 2019 iPhones Are Reportedly Getting Faster Face ID, Frosted Glass, and No USB-C

We’ve been hearing a ton about Apple’s 2019 lineup of iPhones recently, despite the devices not likely shipping until at least September. This hasn’t stopped the leak train from rolling on down the tracks, of course, and today we’re getting even more information about the future smartphones courtesy of Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac).

According to Kuo, Apple will release three new iPhones this year, as we’ve been expecting. Two of them will succeed the iPhone XS and XS Max with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screens. Unfortunately, the next iPhone XR will stick with a 6.1-inch LCD panel, but considering the good reviews the XR’s display has gotten, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Also expected is an upgraded Face ID system, and Kuo corroborates these rumors in his report. In terms of upgrades, Face ID 2.0 (as it’s currently referred to as) will use a higher power flood illuminator, likely for better low-light detection and overall accuracy. It’s not clear if the new system will bring any new capabilities or features to the new iPhones, but we’ll likely learn more as time progresses.

Kuo also notes in his report the next iPhones will have a triple rear camera system along with larger batteries. Unfortunately, Kuo also predicts Apple will stick with Lightning for yet another generation of iPhones instead of switching to USB-C. Why Apple doesn’t just switch over already is beyond me, but I suppose they have their reasons.

Interestingly, Kuo also makes a few off-the-wall predictions in regards to the 2019 iPhones in his report. Apparently, the new iPhones will come with frosted glass backs this time around, aiming for a more Google Pixel 3 or OnePlus 6T aesthetic. They’ll also come with ultra-wide band connectivity, enabling in-room positioning and navigation for places like buildings.

Finally, the phones will also ship with reverse wireless charging, much like the rumored Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to do. This would allow users to wirelessly charge other devices simply by placing them on the back of their iPhone. This is the first time we’re hearing any of these rumors, so be sure to take them with a grain of salt.

We’re still a good seven months away from seeing the 2019 iPhones in person. Therefore, you’ll want to stay tuned as things will likely change quickly and frequently.