Apple Will Reportedly Release a 16-inch MacBook Pro, New Mac Pro, and 6K Monitor This Year

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is going on a prediction spree this week with a giant report (via 9to5Mac) detailing Apple’s 2019 product lineup. We’ve heard about the new iPhones and iPads, and now, it’s time for the Mac to take the spotlight.

According to Kuo, Apple is readying a new MacBook Pro for 2019. This new model will ship with a display size of 16- or 16.5-inches, the largest MacBook screen since the death of the 17-inch model back in 2012. Kuo hints that the new variant will come with an all-new design, but we don’t exactly know what that might entail. We also don’t have any confirmed specs other than the screen size. Therefore, we’ll need to let this one marinate before making any predictions.

Kuo also says a new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be introduced with an option to upgrade the machine with 32GB of RAM. Right now, you can only configure the laptop with 16GB, so this would put the laptop more in line with the higher-end 15-inch model.

Getting off the subject of the MacBook, Kuo says Apple is also releasing a new Mac Pro this year. We already know Apple is working on one since the company publicly acknowledged it a while back, but it has yet to hit the market.

According to Kuo, the new Mac Pro’s components will be easy to upgrade. It’ll start shipping at some point this year, but a more specific time frame wasn’t given. So far, we don’t have any idea what the computer might look like or how much it’ll cost, but we’ll probably hear mroe about it in the future.

Finally, Kuo states Apple is gearing up to enter the display market yet again by introducing a 31.6-inch 6K monitor. The display, according to the report, would use a “Mini LED-like backlight design,” making for better overall picture quality especially for creatives. There’s a good chance Apple will target this accessory to Mac Pro buyers since it sounds like a professional monitor, but as always, time will tell.