Apple’s Next iPad mini Will Reportedly Get a Simple Spec Bump

Apple is expected to unveil a new iPad mini this year, and today, we’re getting new details about the tablet. According to reports out of Macotakara and DigiTimes, the new iPad mini 5 (as it’s known as) will apparently stick with a very similar design to the iPad mini 4. This means we can expect the same chunky bezels, Touch ID, a headphone jack, and a Lightning port. The only physical change, according to today’s reprots, would be a repositioned microphone.

However, the internals of the new iPad mini will certainly change. The reports indicate Apple will either use an A10 or A10X processor from 2017. We’ll also see iOS 12 loaded on board with the company’s gesture-based navigation system. There’s also a possibility that the tablet will support the Apple Pencil, although no one can confirm this suspicion.

If an iPad mini wants to succeed in 2019, its price has to be right. Most people already have phones with large screens that are, in some cases, big enough to replace a small tablet like the mini. And if you want a bigger screen, you can spend $329 and get a 9.7-inch iPad. Personally, I think the new mini should be priced around $250 if it wants to succeed and find a place in Apple’s tablet lineup. Otherwise, it’ll just get wiped out by future iterations of the iPhone XS Max.

Currently, there’s no word on when the new iPad mini will launch, but we’ll let you know when we have a more concrete idea of when we can expect it.