Apple Might Require More of Your Money to Fast Charge a 2019 iPhone

We’ve told this story for almost two years at this point. If you want to fast charge your iPhone, you have to spend extra money on a USB-C to Lightning cable and a more powerful wall adapter. Why? Because Apple doesn’t include these accessories in the box of any iPhone whatsoever, which is stupid.

Unfortunately, it looks like the 2019 iPhones will suffer from a similar fate. According to a report out of Macotakara, Apple will opt for a Lightning connector on the next generation of iPhones and, in exchange, give buyers another 5W power adapter that literally takes forever to charge your phone. So yeah, if you’ve been holding off from buying a faster adapter or cable thinking the next iPhone would give you one for free, you’re probably dead wrong.

It’s also worth mentioning Macotakara says the 2019 iPhones will ship with standard Lightning EarPods as well.

All this being said, nothing’s confirmed as to what accessories Apple will include with the next iPhones. Bloomberg has reported the company is testing versions of the new iPhones with USB-C, and that could result in the tech giant actually including the necessary supplies to achieve faster charging speeds in the box. Right now, it’s too early to tell what Apple’s move will be. But my God, let’s hope we don’t have to suffer another year filled with wimpy 5W charging bricks.