LG G8 ThinQ is Getting a Time-of-Flight Camera

LG will unveil the G8 ThinQ smartphone during MWC 2019, but that isn’t stopping the company from leaking out a few details about the device early. This week, the company confirmed the device will ship with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) front-facing camera.

Image: LG

What exactly is a ToF camera, you ask? It’s basically a 3D scanner. It flashes infrared light onto whatever’s in front of it and records the reflections it observes. Apple uses it in Face ID to help identify your face for login, and it looks like LG may do the same with its own facial recognition system. The company notes face login, augmented reality, and virtual reality as good use cases for the ToF camera, but its press release doesn’t explicitly confirm any of thee features to arrive on the G8.

“Keeping in mind LG’s goal to provide real value to its mobile customers, our newest flagship was designed with ToF technology from inception to give users a unique and secure verification system without sacrificing camera capabilities,” said Chang Ma, senior vice president and head of Product Strategy at LG Mobile Communications Company. “The LG G8 ThinQ featuring ToF will be the optimal choice for users in search of a premium smartphone that offers unmatched camera capabilities.”

With a touch more than two weeks to go, we’ll likely learn more about the G8 ThinQ in the near future.