Instagram is Testing One-Time Login for Multiple Accounts

Nowadays, many users of Instagram have more than one account. Whether it’s a Finsta (fake Instagram, in case anyone’s wondering) or a business profile, users typically have more than just a personal username. To help simplify things, Instagram is testing the ability to sign into all of your accounts at once with just one username and password.

As reported by TechCrunch, Instagram is alpha testing a new feature called “Main Account” that would allow you to set one of your Instagram accounts as your main account. By doing so, you would link all of your other accounts together under your main account’s username and password. This way, you’d only have to use one set of login credentials to access all of your profiles instead of individually inputting all of your usernames and passwords.

A first look at what a new “Login with Instagram” button could look like. | Image: TechCrunch

TechCrunch also reports Instagram is testing the ability to log into other websites and services using your Instagram username and password. It would work the same way you log into sites using Facebook or Google. With teens actively ditching Facebook for more popular services, it makes sense for Instagram to introduce such a feature since so many people use the service.

So far, these features haven’t left testing stages just yet. Therefore, we likely have a good while to wait until they’re released to the public. Of course, if we spot either feature in the wild, we’ll let you know.