Apple and AT&T Bring ‘5G E’ to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 12.2

Apple just released the second beta of iOS 12.2 for testing, and as always, plenty of users have installed the new software on their devices. This includes users who are on AT&T and live in one of the carrier’s 5G Evolution regions. As a result, the notorious “5G E” logo has started popping up on both iPhones and iPads.

As reported by multiple news outlets including 9to5Mac and MacRumors, Apple’s upcoming iOS 12.2 update will include the phony 5G E logo in the status bar – replacing the LTE indicator – for those living in areas where AT&T has rolled out its 5G Evolution “network.” This falls in line with the carrier’s recent rollout of the 5G E icon on Android devices. So far, the icon’s been spotted on the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and the latest iPads.

As unfortunate as it is, I have to remind you all once again 5G E isn’t real 5G. AT&T is just using the term “5G Evolution” as a way to say you’ll get faster speeds than standard LTE until real 5G starts rolling out. It’s one of the biggest lies AT&T has ever told its customers, and it’s absurd that Apple went as far as to redesign the icon so it wouldn’t look out of place on its devices.

It’s also worth mentioning true 5G won’t roll out until at least 2020. In addition, we have a long time until Apple actually adopts 5G on the iPhone or any other device.

So if you see the 5G E icon in your status bar once iOS 12.2 begins rolling out, don’t fall for it. It’s not real and AT&T is a dirty liar.