Samsung Galaxy S10 Goes Through FCC, Hints at Wi-Fi 6 Support

As every phone does before it launches, Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy S10 devices has made its way through the FCC leading up to the company’s February 20th event. That’s not necessarily big news, but there is a fun tidbit in Samsung’s filings.

As spotted by Droid-Life, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup will support 802.11ax Wi-Fi. In more familiar terms, the S10, S10 Plus, and S10E will support Wi-Fi 6, the latest Wi-Fi standard. The technology will allow for faster speeds, better device efficiency, and much more efficient network handling. Basically, it’ll let you add even more devices to your network without it bogging down as much. Admittedly, not many companies or routers are taking advantage of Wi-Fi 6 just yet, but it’s nice to see Samsung future-proofing its phones for the standard’s inevitable rise to stardom.

We expect to hear a ton more about the Galaxy S10 later this month so stay tuned.