Futuristic Meizu Zero is Selling for $1,299 on Indiegogo

Last week, when Meizu unveiled its futuristic Zero smartphone, there was no promise that the company would actually sell it. After all, it’s a pretty ambitious product with no ports, hardware buttons, speaker grilles, or protrusions. but now, the company has actually put the device up for preorder through an Indiegogo campaign, and it’s certainly not cheap.

If you wanna get your hands on what Meizu calls an “Engineer Unit” of the Zero, it’ll cost you $1,299. Mind you, this isn’t the most expensive we’ve seen a phone sell for (the iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage costs $1,449, for instance), but it’s definitely not cheap by any means and will certainly put a hole in your bank account. There was also an option to buy an “Exclusive Pioneering Unit” for $2,999 that would ship this month somehow, but that on’es already sold out.

Meizu is targeting a $100,000 goal with its campaign, but it’s a slow crawl. At the time of writing, the company sits at almost $24,000 raised, so its estimated ship date for the Zero being April 2019 doesn’t seem too unrealistic. That being said, the project could totally fail and you’d probably be out $1,300, but considering Meizu is at least an established company, you might have better luck.

To get your hands on this weird holeless phone, click here.