Apple’s 2019 iPhones Will Reportedly Come with Three Rear Cameras and (Maybe) USB-C

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has published a gigantic report that details a ton of Apple’s future ambitions when it comes to its various product lines. In the report, Gurman details what the tech giant has in store for this year’s new iPhones.

According to Gurman, Apple will introduce three new iPhones this year, with all of them serving as successors to the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. They’ll each come with a similar design to what we have now, if not almost identical. Of course, there will be some differences between this generation and the next, and one of them may be on the back.

The higher-end successor to the XS Max (the “larger of the new high-end iPhones”, in Gurman’s own words) will reportedly come with three cameras on the back. Meanwhile, the other two iPhones will likely get systematic upgrades instead of additional hardware.

Apple’s implementation of a third rear camera will be similar to the one we’ve seen on phones in the past. According to Gurman, the third camera on the iPhone will allow for wide-angle photography, much like what’s available on the LG V40 ThinQ and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The sensor might also be used to capture more of a scene while in standard photography mode just in case you miss someone in a certain frame of a picture or video.

Another hardware change Apple might make with this year’s iPhones is the addition of USB-C. Gurman notes Apple is currently testing some versions of this year’s iPhones with USB-C connectors instead of Lightning. This doesn’t confirm the devices will adopt the port, but at least possibility of them doing so is there.

In addition, Gurman reports Apple will extend the length of Live Photos from three to six seconds, include an upgraded Face ID system, pack in a new processor, and skip 5G connectivity with the new iPhones.

We still have seven to eight months until we actually see Apple’s 2019 iPhones so anything could change before then. Be sure to stay tuned as we keep you up with the latest in iPhone Rumor Land.