Apple Might Use a 3D Camera in Next Year’s iPhones

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg wrote up a big report today about Apple’s future ambitions, and in that report, we get a sneak peak at what we can expect for next year’s iPhone(s).

According to Gurman, the 2020 iPhone will reportedly come with a completely new camera sensor currently known as a 3D camera. It would operate similarly to how the 3D camera in the company’s Face ID system works, but utilize laser technology instead of dot-projection. This would allow the camera to work at further distances of up to 15 feet, according to the report. Meanwhile, Apple’s dot projector can only operate within 25 to 30 centimeters of a subject.

The purpose of this new camera would likely be to create a better AR experience on the iPhone. Gurman says the camera would allow “for more accurate depth perception and placement of virtual objects.” The camera could also help in improved depth capturing in photos which sounds a lot like better portrait mode, if you ask me.

In addition, the 2020 iPhone may also be followed by an upcoming AR headset Apple has been prepping for years. It could come out in 2020, but no launch time frame has been set just yet.

So far, there isn’t very much evidence that suggets the 2020 iPhones will come with such a feature as this, so take today’s news with a grain of salt. That being said, we have plenty (and I mean plenty) of time between now and when we expect next year’s iPhones to debut. Therefore, a lot can change in the mean time.