Google I/O 2019 Will Be Held May 7-9 in Mountain View, CA

Featured image: SlashGear

Just like last year (and the year before that), Google posted a puzzle that people could to solve in order to discover the date and location of the company’s annual developer conference, I/O. As it turns out, it doesn’t take people on the internet very long to complete simple tasks like these as within the first hour of the puzzle being live, it was solved.

Thanks to whatever random internet user that was first to solve the puzzle, we now know Google I/O 2019 will be taking place on May 7th through the 9th. It’ll be held in Mountain View, California, where Google has been hosting the event since 2016.

As far as what the company will announce during the conference, there’s a good chance we’ll get more of the same thing. This means announcements regarding Android Q, the Google Assistant, smart home stuff, and other news on the company’s services. Typically, I/O isn’t a hardware event, but we may also see the Pixel 3 Lite debut. Don’t hold your breath for this one, though.

Image: Google

As we approach the beginning of May, we’ll be sure to fill you in on any updates between now and then.