Samsung Confirms Foldable Phone for February 20th Galaxy S10 Event

Just last week in the hustle and bustle that is CES, Samsung announced its next event which is scheduled for February 20th where the company will announce the new Galaxy S10 smartphone. At the time, rumors began to swirl claiming the company would also show off its first commercial foldable phone following the introduction of a prototype late last year. Now, it looks like those reports will become reality as the company has basically confirmed our suspicions using billboards in Paris.

As announced in a press release, Samsung has invaded Paris, France, with billboards meant to tease the public on what the company has in store for February 20th. While one billboard blatantly says “February twentieth,” another one states, “The future unfolds.” The latter sign is what gives us confirmation that Samsung’s first commercial foldable phone will arrive in just over a month.

As far as what features we can expect from Samsung’s foldable phone, nothing beyond a larger display is known. Of course, as we approach Samsung’s event date, we expect to learn more about all of Samsung’s future handsets it plans to show off later next month. Stay tuned.