RIP: Google’s Chromecast Audio is Being Discontinued, On Sale for $15

Google’s Chromecast Audio is a simple wireless dongle you can plug into virtually any pair of speakers to make them smart speakers, capable of casting audio to using a 3.5mm connection. It costs $35 and is a great way to make a dumb set of speakers a connected set of speakers.

Unfortunately, this solution is going away. As Google has said in a statement to multiple publications, the company is discontinuing the Chromecast Audio due to the company’s ever-evolving product line. This might mean a replacement is on its way for Chromecast Audio fans, but we’ll have to hold our breath for that one until we hear more concrete evidence.

Luckily, to clear out their remaining inventory, Google is discounting the Chromecast Audio to just $15, making it an absolute steal while it’s still around. If you’re interested in picking one up, head on over to the Google Store.